Acupuncture, sunshine, sisters, and family are good for the soul and the gut


April was a hard month in my healing journey.  My gut digressed some and I was discouraged for the lack of progress at the year mark.  After some prayer, I decided to try out acupuncture.  I didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous about all the needles.  Surprisingly to me, it was a very relaxing experience and the flare up in my symptoms ended.  I did 3 weekly appointments and then spread them out.  My plan currently is to do a monthly appointment for a few months and then keep maintenance appointments in unison with the change of seasons.

Another benefit of May and the spring and summer seasons is sunshine!!!  Living in Pittsburgh, we have more than our fair share of cloudy days (308 in fact – the 3rd most in the country!)  The sunshine is giving me essential Vitamin D and is boosting my mood and energy 🙂  Below is a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets I witnessed this summer.


My sister (and best friend) who is an ESL teacher in Saudi Arabia arrived home for the summer in late May.  Spending time with her has been fun and uplifting.  The top picture is of me and my sister with some homemade “ice cream” (see below for the recipe).

With my sister only being home in the summer, I saved up my vacation time and we’ve been busy traveling to visit our brothers, sister-in-laws, and niece and nephews.  I’m enjoying and savoring this time.  It’s so fun to be together and see the sweet joy in the littles.  And a bonus is the little ones are loving my cooking.


So for now, I feel encouraged and refreshed.  My symptoms overall have become much more mild while I continue to work towards symptom-free days.  I continue to try new recipes and enjoy all of the tasty food.  Below is a picture of a zucchini pesto with turkey meatballs and a beef fajita lettuce boat.  I also made my family a yummy meal of grilled cilantro lime chicken drumsticks and roasted parsnips.

**Note I substituted carob powder for the cocoa and only used 2 tablespoons of honey          as the sweetner**

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